Behavioral Issues in FXS+ASD

Studies involving the impact of an ASD co-diagnosis in FXS have to date relied mostly on parent-reported data and/or smaller sample populations. But thanks to the registry and longitudinal database FORWARD—the Fragile X Online Registry With Accessible Research Database—plus standardized clinician- and parent-reported data from 25 Fragile X clinics, we now have access to samples large enough to include a breakdown of findings by age groups.

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Ten Rules of Time-Out

When consulting with parents regarding behavior issues, the topic of time-out comes up during the majority of my conversations. Parents and professionals alike have used time-out as an effective tool for many years—even before [...]

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Back to School Without a Bang

Several strategies can help in guiding a successful transition. If the student is going back to the same school with the same teaching staff, the transition process is easier and requires less support. When the student changes schools, neighborhoods, or programs, additional support is required.

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Visit to the Dentist

I learned pretty quickly that visits to a dentist were going to be a challenge for my son, Ian. I demonstrated the process over and over again. I helped him brush his teeth, I encouraged him to brush his own teeth, I tried different tooth brushes and I tried different kinds of toothpaste. I took Ian to my dentist to watch me get my teeth cleaned. He saw his sister get her teeth cleaned.

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Doggone It…Mantras Are Great for Learning!

Mantras, like positive affirmations, really do have power. In our case, we have found mantras to be useful for both skill development and to support self-regulation. So what are mantras? Mantras are short, positive, instructive statements full of action words. We use them to quiet the mind and focus thinking and action.

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A Holistic Approach to Toilet Training

Toilet training can be a difficult and challenging experience for children and parents alike, and the challenges can be magnified for families of children with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). It is not simply that toilet training is delayed for these individuals, but it often requires specific behavioral techniques that address the physical and behavioral phenotype of children with FXS.

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Verbal Perseveration! Verbal Perseveration!

Let's discuss verbal perseveration (VP), a very typical and pervasive aspect of language in Fragile X syndrome. Does VP interfere with daily living and activities? You bet your boots it can! At home, school, after school activities, transition times: VP can have an impact on them all. On the list of questions parents ask, verbal perseveration is at the top.

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Public or Private?

How do we prepare children and adolescents to access their communities,without running the risk of their being exploited, or showing affection in inappropriate ways, using sexual language that may be misconstrued, or touching body parts that could bring legal action, or at the very least a disgruntled public?

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Behavior and Fragile X Syndrome

When discussing Fragile X syndrome and behavior, it is important to note that - like every person - the focus should not only be on the challenging behaviors that you may see. It is essential [...]

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