10 Rules of Time-Out

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I have found these 10 time-out “rules” to be the keys to success. They are based on the fundamental principles and incorporate adaptations for children with Fragile X syndrome by accommodating repetition, consistency, and predictability.

Visiting the Dentist

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I learned pretty quickly that visits to a dentist were going to be a challenge for my son, Ian. I demonstrated the process over and over again. I helped him brush his teeth, encouraged him to brush his own teeth, tried different toothbrushes and toothpaste. I needed Bonnie.

Visual Wizardry: Using Visual Supports to Change your Child’s Life

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Visual supports help translate the environment and expectations to an individual with FXS without requiring direct processing of language. This type of information can be processed quickly. Visual supports remain present, so they can be referred to more than one time, whereas verbal directions might be heard and then forgotten. Learning to use visual supports can help alleviate anxiety for the person with FXS and frustration for the person providing support.

Behavior and Fragile X Syndrome

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When discussing FXS and behavior, the focus should be on the whole person. Some behaviors may be a result of the condition, of which many are positive.

Life: A Series of Transitions

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I realized when my son Ian was just 4 years old that he had difficulty with transitions. I had never thought about transitions being difficult. You just did them - you didn’t think about it. Well, with Ian, I started thinking about them. I still do to this day. I quickly learned I had to allow plenty of time for everything, arrive early to events, set up schedules and routines, take time for transitioning back home—and that was just the beginning.

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