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Sensory Diet

By |2017-09-19T10:56:35-04:00Sep 8, 2017|Treatment and Intervention|

A variety of therapies can be helpful in addressing many of the issues seen in Fragile X syndrome. Because the impact of Fragile X is so varied, it is important to do a careful evaluation ...

Planning for Emergency Events at School

By |2017-09-15T15:47:42-04:00Apr 12, 2017|Education, Treatment and Intervention|

With the anxiety and hyperarousal seen in children with Fragile X syndrome, it is important to plan for emergency events at your child’s school – a fire in the building and severe weather events, such as a tornado, a hurricane, a local fire, a chemical spill, etc. Lockdowns are discussed separately. If at all possible, develop a plan ahead of time, ideally at your child's IEP. If that is not possible, ask for a meeting to discuss this first thing of the school year.

A Holistic Approach to Toilet Training

By |2019-07-26T17:39:08-04:00Mar 29, 2017|Behavior, Treatment and Intervention|

Toilet training can be a difficult and challenging experience for children and parents alike, and the challenges can be magnified for families of children with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). It is not simply that toilet training is delayed for these individuals, but it often requires specific behavioral techniques that address the physical and behavioral phenotype of children with FXS.

Video Modeling

By |2017-08-18T14:01:24-04:00Nov 9, 2016|Coffee Talk with Mouse and Tracy, Treatment and Intervention|

Therapy is a fun, creative process – one of the reasons that we have been at this for so long! One of the challenges of being a therapist is staying on-top of the ever-emerging intervention techniques that come into practice. Not only is it important to know the best strategies available, but it is important to carefully analyze each technique for its utility and efficacy. As most strategies are typically devised or targeted at a population other than those with Fragile X syndrome (FXS), we have taken it upon ourselves to always analyze the strategies in light the FXS learning style. Most often we find it necessary to modify even the most researched interventions to work for individuals with FXS.

Feeding and Fragile X

By |2018-06-19T20:32:54-04:00Sep 14, 2016|Treatment and Intervention|

Many children with Fragile X syndrome struggle with feeding issues, ranging from over-stuffing to picky eating. Mealtime can become stressful for families if these feeding problems exist. This article highlights some common feeding difficulties that individuals with Fragile X struggle with and suggests some strategies to make mealtime more successful for your family.

Toilet Training the Older Child

By |2017-08-18T13:55:34-04:00Aug 24, 2016|Braden on Behavior, Treatment and Intervention|

Toilet training continues to be an important issue for families who have children with Fragile X syndrome. Several articles on the topic have appeared in previous publications. They mostly focused on introducing toilet training activities to younger children. It has been assumed that children of all ages would benefit from the same strategies, and if they were not initially successful with them, they may never make progress in toilet training. Experience has shown these assumptions to be inaccurate. There is hope for older children (from about age eight and up), but they require a different approach to toilet training. This article addresses strategies found to be most successful in this population.

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