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Walnut Creek, Calif. — The National Fragile X Foundation, the world’s leading authority on Fragile X syndrome, launched its new website today. The site,, has been completely overhauled with a new look that’s broad, roomy, clean, simple and modern.

But far from being just the same old site in a flashy new wrapper, the new site has a lot more going on under the hood — simpler navigation, more interactive features, new content, integration with social media networks, intuitive forms and the ability to chat while visiting any page on the site. A new dynamic homepage will allow site users to easily find new updates and content on the whole family of Fragile X-associated Disorders. Users who create an account on the site will be able to access all of the site’s content as well as seamlessly switch from forum, chat or blog without ever having to switch accounts. Eric Welin, a web developer from Cambridge, Mass., and parent of a child with Fragile X syndrome, led the website redevelopment project.

“Users want to quickly find whatever it is they’re looking for and get engaged with what they find,” said Robert Miller, NFXF executive director. “So our focus has been on optimizing the user experience and creating an engaging experience that works in a seamless way.”

As part of the website overhaul project, the NFXF partnered with Torch Creative ( of Dallas to create a new and improved family of unified logos and its first brand tagline to support its refined mission and vision. The new logos use simple, lowercase black letters to underscore the Foundation’s human service emphasis with a four-color “fragmented x.” Logo usage is guided by a new graphic identity system. The tagline is Forward.

“Updating our logo, creating an identity system and launching our first brand promise will no doubt help improve the quality, uniformity and effectiveness of our communications and engender more confidence in our image and reputation,” Miller said. “The tagline Forward is surprisingly short. Being one word makes it memorable and unique. Forward implies a positive momentum moving toward something better than today. It implies enlightenment and hope. It’s simple, yet so powerful.”

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