We know from years of feedback that the website serves as a useful and important resource for many newly diagnosed individuals and families as well as longtime members of the Fragile X community. Early in 2011 we determined that a modernized website with easier navigation and more accessible content was a critical project we needed to undertake in order to assure that this valuable resource will continue to serve you.

After nearly a year of work by many contributors, we are very excited to launch this new venture!

{link url="/community/links-support-network/"}Our NEW LINKS and Clinics Map!{/link}

As you can readily see, we have incorporated not only a whole new look and feel to complement the inspiring message of Forward and our new logo, but we have also made it better organized, with updated content, the latest FX news, and new ways for you to share. We also think you’ll enjoy our “” pages, interactive maps, new chat and forum features (coming soon), our integration with social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter, and all of your faces! Throughout the site you will notice pictures with links below them letting you read their story, be sure to follow them to find out more about the person or people featured in the picture.

{link url="/2011/faces-of-fx/he-has-fragile-x-syndrome-but-it-does-not-have-him/" target="_blank"}Read my Story!{/link}

So please, take a look around the new site and check out the content and the many features we offer. Bookmark the home page and return often so you can keep up with the ongoing work that still awaits us as we continue to build on the foundation we have established here. Like any new home, our new website will be a work-in-progress for many months to come. And like any home, there will always be work to be done!

We’d love to hear what you think—good or bad—especially if you find something that doesn’t work or is missing. Send your feedback to: webmaster@fragilex.org or fill out the form below. One of our very favorite things in this work is hearing from the people we serve, so please let us know your thoughts about the new website or anything else about Fragile X or the NFXF that has been on your mind!

Thank you and Forward!

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