Utilizing Telehealth for Genetic Counseling, Assessment, and Intervention

For a year and a half, all birthing families in North Carolina were offered voluntary newborn screening for Fragile X syndrome through an innovative research program known as Early Check. Genetic counseling, developmental surveillance, family support, and early intervention programming are all offered to families whose infant screens positive for FXS or a premutation. In this presentation, hear an overview of how the Early Check team is integrating telehealth models in order to provide families with the necessary information, support, surveillance, and intervention.

Presenters: Anne Wheeler, Beth Boyea, and Katherine C. Okoniewski
Robby Miller

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Video Modeling

Therapy is a fun, creative process – one of the reasons that we have been at this for so long! One of the challenges of being a therapist is staying on top of the ever-emerging intervention techniques that come into our practice and making them work for individuals with FXS.

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