By Jasmine Shen

As your young adult attempts to transition out of school and into the possibility of permanent employment, you both might find it overwhelming figuring out where to even begin.

Since you understand your young adult’s strengths, interests, and career aspirations best, reaching out to community resources may be your best first option. Here are some tips for looking for employment opportunities for your young adult, both nationwide and statewide.

National Chains

In terms of different fields your young adult might be considering, one that has always been a buyers’ market would be the service industry. There’s usually an abundance of jobs in this field within most communities. If your young adult is more interested in an office type job, use any connections you might already have and expand from there.

There are many national chains that regularly offer employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, some of which we’ve listed here:

Coffee Shops

Department Stores

Discount Stores

Restaurants/Fast Food

Thrift Stores

Grocery Stores

While this list provides a helpful starting point, it’s not all-inclusive. Additional opportunities should be pursued if they arise, and the options listed above may not have open positions when your search begins. While it may be easier to scour the bigger chain stores first, make sure to look at local mom-and-pop shops too.

Job Seekers with Disabilities Resources

Source: Job seekers with disabilities have many job search resources. In Retrieved August 20, 2021, from

Access Local State Services

State and local resources are also incredibility helpful when beginning your job search. One resource to consider is your state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you do an online search for “division of vocational rehabilitation [your state],” you’ll find more information about your state’s vocational rehabilitation services.

Workforce organizations also serve as a beneficial resource to find employment. Search for “workforce organizations [your state]” for more information. These organizations are specifically geared toward individuals with developmental disabilities, but also have information on finding jobs. Additionally, local disability organizations and developmental disability councils are other helpful resources. For all of these, make sure to search by state.

Local Arcs are another great resource. When you find your state-specific Arc, it’s beneficial to ask to be connected to other local organizations that can provide employment support for individuals with disabilities.

As mentioned above, another resource is your personal connections. These connections may come from a parent group, or parents of individuals with FXS, or maybe just a good friend, as you never know who your friends might know or what connections they may have. Taking advantage of these personal, local community connections is a great way to search for local jobs.

Another way to find employment would be to simply contact the company directly. If you or your young adult can communicate directly with the hiring manager of a specific company, it may provide additional insight and availability tips for their desired job.

When beginning the job search, it’s important to consider all options. While the national, state, and local resources listed here have been utilized by other parents of individuals with FXS, don’t limit yourself. Opportunities can arise in various ways, and it’s important to remain optimistic. For more information, tips, and resources to nail your job search, be sure to check out our free ebook, which includes comprehensive guides and parent testimonials and is a valuable resource for all parents, individuals with FXS, and other curious minds.

Jasmine Shen

Jasmine Shen
Jasmine worked as an intern for the National Fragile X Foundation during the summer of 2021. A student at Johns Hopkins, she is majoring in economics and public health. She loves hiking, baking, and spending time with family.

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