Evan has always had that something special and unique about him, you could see it in his eyes and his smile long before we ever heard the term Fragile X syndrome. I am so proud of my children and Evan is no different. This photo shows Evan, age 8, at a swim meet this summer- the only child with a disability on his team – just living life. He is the first off the block, and while we are still working on diving entries he made it all the way across smiling and laughing the whole way. Evan is the only kid I know who actually swims while laughing. At the other end of the pool was a team full of friends cheering him on, supporting him and just enjoying celebrating the moment with him. They are realizing that while life may look a little different at times, with persistence, modifications as needed, support and a positive attitude that Evan can accomplish AMAZING things! We love you E-man!