We have an extra special little girl with fragile x. Miss Mili is 3. After a year and a half into feeding, speech, and occupational therapy Mili has come a long way from the baby who was unhappy the majority of the time. Mili can have her rough days but boy do the good ones make it all worth it. She has the most amazing smile and infectious laugh. She loves hugs and to use you as her own personal jungle gym. Mili is always on the move, running, jumping and swinging in her hammock. She loves to go to the park and could swing for hours. Miss Mili also loves the water whether it is in the bath, sprinkler or pool. After a good soak she always enjoys a good massage. Mili likes to flip through her books and even occasionally eat a little bit of them. She is very curious and can be quite mischievous at times without ever meaning any harm. She definitely has her silly quarks. It her mission in life right now to gather every item she can get her hands on and through it over the deck. There is just something so special about Mili that I could see from day one. She has brought something special to our family and taught me a new kind of love, compassion and patience. As a parent I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to share my life with such a special child. I love you Mili!