My name is Genia and I am the blessed sister of GeMon aka Money. This young man is one of the most sincere and loving spiritual beings you will ever meet in your life. Through GeMon’s passion for loving the Lord, he has helped to lead people to Christ and strengthen the hearts of those who needed lifting. Thanks to our pops Genord, GeMon is an active citizen of Austin. He works at H.E.B, attends classes at Austin Community College, actively participates in church and is a Special Olympian…man, he does it all! Oh, and if you want to know what’s going on in politics or sports…he can educate you.

Funny & heartfelt story: One day at work a customer was rude to GeMon because he sacked his groceries wrong. The customer asked GeMon if he was stupid. GeMon’s response to the man was, “No, I am a Christian and you need Jesus.” Can I get an amen from the hallelujah choir!

My baby brother inspires me because he loves life and lives it to the fullest everyday. He knows he is challenged based on societies definition because I talked to him about it when we were kids so he could be aware of why he acted differently and people treated him a certain way. Regardless, he knows he is a child of the King and desires to spread LOVE to everyone he meets.