By Hilary Rosselot

Healx Updates the Fragile X Community About their Fragile X Program and the IMPACT-FXS trial

Healx shares the closing of their IMPACT-FXS trial with plans to open a new study in early 2023.

Read the full letter to understand the shift in their plans and what to expect: Community statement – Update on IMPACT-FXS

Healx continues to work extensively with the NFXF’s Clinical Trials Committee within the Research Readiness Program to be sure their Fragile X program is scientifically-sound, relevant, and impactful.

Thanks, Healx, for your open and honest communication with the Fragile X community! We look forward to sharing your new study in 2023!

Author Hilary Rosselot

Hilary Rosselot
Hilary joined the NFXF team in 2019. Prior to joining the NFXF team, she worked at the Cincinnati Fragile X Research and Treatment Center for over five years. She has experience as a clinical research coordinator across many types of clinical trials and served as the clinical research manager for the Cincinnati program. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s, and is a SOCRA certified clinical research professional (CCRP). She enjoys time with family and friends, a great book, a strong cup of coffee and, of course, a good laugh!

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