LetEmKnowCrowdriseLast year, we held our first ever “Let ‘Em Know 5k”, a virtual event that brought together people from all over the country! This July, we want it to be even bigger and better. So if you were part of last year’s event, come back and let’s aim higher!

If you missed last year’s Let ‘Em Know event, we welcome you to see what all the fuss is about!

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Let ‘Em Know?

Let ‘Em Know is a National Fragile X Awareness Month event to raise awareness for Fragile X!

It is a virtual run/walk to help you raise awareness and funds for Fragile X from anywhere in the world! Ask anyone who’s participated: This is one of the easiest ways to raise awareness and funds for Fragile X, so why not give it a shot?

It isn’t about how fast or slow you are. It’s about what you can do to raise awareness and “Let ’Em Know!”

What does “virtual run/walk” mean?

Hayden Capela in New Jersey

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It means you can complete it anywhere and at any time during the month of July, which is Fragile X Awareness Month. You can run or walk the 3.1 miles (5k) all at once or over the course of a week or the entire month.

It’s on the honor system—you do not have to report or verify your miles! But we’d love to hear about your run/walk through social media. (More info on that below.)

Registrants will receive a custom-designed, collectible dry-fit shirt and NFXF Let ’Em Know 5K race bib.

Not interested in running, walking or strolling?

We’ve got you covered! You can create a fundraising page for no cost and still be entered in the prize drawings! (Sorry, though, only run/walk entrants receive the official race shirt and bib.)

Did we mention we have prizes?!

We have two Grand Prizes this year. One for the most money raised and one for the greatest number of donations. Each winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

Each individual fundraising page under the NFXF “Let ’Em Know” event on Crowdrise from now through July 31 will automatically be eligible to win.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Last year, we received a challenge from the Blount family, and this year the Blount’s are generously doing it again!

But they believe, just like us, that we can do even better this year. So, they’re challenging us to raise $60,000 for a $30,000 grant. That’s $1 for every $2 we raise.

Let’s get moving!

Here is what you need to do to get started today… the sooner, the better!

Bill Sroka from Dublin CA, 2013 Let 'Em Know 5k

Bill Sroka from Dublin CA,
2013 Let ‘Em Know 5k

Register on Crowdrise so you can receive your NFXF Let ’Em Know 5K race shirt and race bib!

Participants must register by June 11 to guarantee their shirt will arrive in the mail by July 1. Prices increase after June 11. Race shirts ordered after June 11 will not be guaranteed by July 1.

For more information about registration, rules and ordering extra shirts, please visit our FAQ.


  • Set a goal! A $100 goal is as simple as ten $10 donations from friends! A $500 goal can be met with twenty-five $20 donations from friends!
  • Think big and encourage your family and friends to support your efforts!! You may even win a grand prize!!
  • Have a photo taken while you are out running or walking in your official NFXF Let ’Em Know 5K race shirt and race bib! Then…
  • Share your photos on social media networks—photos show the world what you are doing for Fragile X. Be sure to include your fundraising updates!
  • Remember to tag your photos and messages using the hashtag #NFXFLetEmKnow on Instagram and Twitter.

Complete your run or walk by July 31, 2014.


Please check with your doctor regarding your ability to physically participate if you have not regularly exercised in the last 12 months prior to the NFXF Let ‘Em Know 5K. Your doctor will probably suggest there is no time like the present to start getting active!

But be smart, don’t stress and stay healthy—we want you running or walking for Fragile X for a long time to come! All donations to your personal fundraising page benefiting the NFXF on the Crowdrise website are tax-deductible!