Congratulations to some very special Awareness Day Fundraisers:

Carmelina’s Wine Tasting
On Sunday, July 24th, the Fragile X Resource Group of Western Massachusetts gathered at Carmelina’s restaurant for appetizers and wine to promote Fragile X Awareness.  Guests with a ticket to the event enjoyed 25 different wines, 15% off dinner, and a raffle.  A local liquor store provided the wine, and the owner made a booklet with the wines, prices, and discounts if people ordered from his store.  61 people attended the tasting, and the group is already looking forward to organizing a second event.

Finster Murphy Seafood Market Fundraiser
On July 22nd, Joey Dissette’s summer job was more than just a way to earn some extra money.  He approached owners Kathy Murphy & Patrick Gibson and asked if they could promote Fragile X Awareness Day to customers.  They were more than willing – and even agreed to donate a percentage of the day’s proceeds to the NFXF!  Business was double that which they would normally see on a Friday and the owners are planning to promote National Fragile X Awareness Day again in 2012.

Fundraiser at the Intercontinental Exchange

After attending Advocacy Day earlier this year, Louis Barbera decided to become more involved in the Fragile X world.  As Fragile X Awareness Day approached he saw an opportunity to get the word out to 500 of his colleagues at the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). He made up a flyer which included basic facts about Fragile X, a photo of his son, and an appeal to support the National Fragile X Foundation.   Barbera put the flyer on every trader’s desk and sent it to every one of his clients across the globe.   He also wore a “Got Fragile X?” shirt to spread further awareness on July 22nd.  He received an overwhelming response, and will continue to raise money and awareness for Fragile X every year with support and inspiration from his wife, Heather Barbera.

If you’d like to do your own fundraisers, Development Coordinator Meghan McMurray at the NFXF will be happy to help out.  Contact her at or call 1-800-688-8765.