In the latest from the NFXF Webinar Series, Drs. Georgina Peacock and Jennifer Kaminski from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention join Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis and NFXF team members Amie Milunovich and Robby Miller, to discuss the advances made in understanding Fragile X Syndrome through FORWARD↗, the Fragile X Online Registry With Accessible Research Database.

Drs. Peacock and Kaminski each express their gratitude for the partnership with the National Fragile X Foundation and to the families who have participated.

The good news is, there are currently 18 journal publications resulting from FORWARD data, with many more to come!

Dr. Berry-Kravis, FORWARD principal investigator, gives a brief description of key findings and recommendations from some of these publications, including their role in informing new treatments and therapies for individuals with Fragile X syndrome. She also discusses the virtual participation option for adults↗ with Fragile X syndrome.

Robby Miller discusses how FORWARD data benefits the development of resources to help families, including NFXF Treatment Recommendations↗.

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