Eddie is my 2nd grandson, i always knew he’d be a very special little boy! We knew something was wrong with him but didnt know what. He went under multiple tests, untill the verdict came back Gramma’s baby had Fragile X Syndrome. I didnt know what it was or what it meant. i googled it many times, read so many stories about it. My grandson is my pride and joy he is like my own. He goes everywhere i go, he’s my little helper he loves to do laundry, mop & sweep the house, & wash dishes, he’s such a great helper! He gets into trouble ALOT but what 3 year old doesnt, i try everyday to teach him something new, he does not talk, but he does great visualizing he is a sponge he copies everything i do & try’s his best at doing it. Sometimes he needs some of gramma’s guidence, hugs & kisses! Gramma loves you Camochito!