This is Caden. Or to us “Little Bit”. Caden may be little and cute but he sure leaves a huge impact on people. Words can’t explain what a blessing Caden is to us. God has blessed us with 3 boys and Caden is the youngest. Caden was about 18 months old when he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. We were told many things that Caden would “never” do. But he has exceeded our expectations with what he has learned. He has his daily struggles with communication and understanding certain things but overall he is doing wonderful!

He has the biggest smile, the most amazing blue eyes and the most hilarious personality! He always makes everyone around him smile. He loves to make us laugh and when he makes a friend, its for life! Caden loves to be with his friends and family. He loves to play outside, go swimming, swinging, riding his bicycle, going to Mamaw and Papaws house, fries and a coke from McDonald’s and wrestling with his brothers and his Dad. Caden just graduated Kindergarten this past year and he is looking forward to going back to school. He absolutely loves school! He loves to ride the school bus, the bus driver said he loves to make them laugh, but usually always falls asleep on the way home.

With Gods help and guidance we are able to get through the struggles and trials that come along with FX. All we know is that we love him more than anything and we are so proud of what he has accomplished in his life so far! We are looking forward to the future with Caden, we can’t wait to see what he will “never” do!!