Hi, we’re Marc and Rachael. We have three children ages 11, 5 and 1… one boy and two girls. They all have Fragile X syndrome.

Our oldest, our son, embraces his uniqueness and gets so excited when he meets other children or adults who have Fragile X just like him.

He has many loves, but his greatest love is horses.

This is a report handwritten by him for a school report:
(this has been typed up exactly how he wrote it on the paper)

My animal report is
about a horse.
They eat hay and grass.
They live in barns and
Stalls. and They
are work horses.
They have a foal and
There mother nudges
There foal to get up.

They live in herds.
They can be in parades.
They can run in arenas.
They can be different colors.

It is these things that remind us that our children may have Fragile X, but Fragile X does not have them.

To learn more about Brighton and the rest of his family, please visit marcandrachael.blogspot.com and bestbrotherblog.blogspot.com