When our son Jackson was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome before his third birthday, we went through many emotions. It took awhile to accept that “God doesn’t give you anything you cannot handle” and “Everything happens for a reason”, however as the years fly by, I am now convinced of these common sayings. Jack has taught us more than we will ever teach him and although there will always be challenges, he is such a blessing to our family. Like most 13-year old boys, he is very active in school, sports, and in our community. He is mainstreamed for all subjects except math at First Immanuel Lutheran School and on the honor roll! This year he won fourth place in the science fair and went on an unforgettable class trip to Washington DC for social studies. While he loves his video games and iPod, he has a passion for many sports. He plays soccer, baseball, golf, and basketball in which his 7th grade team took first place in a tournament. He also plays drums/percussion in the school band and earned first place at the district solo competition. Most importantly, Jack enjoys helping others who are younger and/or are less fortunate and has performed community service projects through school and church. He has become much more comfortable socially, accepted by his peers, and can be quite entertaining. Someday he’d like to be an NBA basketball player or a chef. We continue to have high hopes for Jack and are so thankful for early intervention and support from family, friends, teachers, therapists, and the Fragile X community!