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Advocacy From Home: How to Establish Fragile X Awareness Day

By |2013-05-13T12:16:22-04:00May 13, 2013|Advocacy, Central Illinois, Eastern Massachusetts|

We often hear from parents who say they really wish they could do more for Fragile X awareness but cannot due to lack of time, money or childcare. So we are here to say there are multiple ways to get involved and spread awareness right from your own home. One terrific way is to establish a Fragile X Awareness Day in your state. It may sound intimidating but the process is not really a difficult one.

Proclaiming Fragile X Awareness Day At Home Plate in Fenway Park

By |2013-05-01T17:12:28-04:00May 1, 2013|Eastern Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts|

Tuesday, April 23 was a proud day for Fragile X. That’s when Denise Devine of the Fragile X Resource Center of Western Massachusetts and my husband, Eric Welin, of the Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern Massachusetts, stepped onto the field at Fenway Park in Boston, accompanied by our son, Caleb. They stood together behind home plate