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Living Settings for Adults with FXS

As your child grows into a young adult, you may consider independent or semi-independent living settings. There are a variety of living settings across the United States for people with developmental disabilities.

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Guardianship for Your Child

At the age of 18, children become legal adults, which means that you – as a parent – are no longer your child’s legal guardian, even if they have Fragile X. In order to continue helping your child take care of his or her self, make decisions in your child’s own best interests and handle their assets, you have to initiate a process of assuming legal guardianship of your child.

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The Elusive X-Factor

Patricia J. Heavren As long as I can remember, I’ve been on a journey to discover the extraordinary in the everyday world—especially extraordinary people, the home-grown “stars of life” with that elusive “X” factor. My [...]

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