Allos Pharma, a late-stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for neurodevelopmental disorders, has announced the exclusive license rights on arbaclofen in Fragile X syndrome (FXS).

The NFXF is looking forward to working with Allos on further exploring arbaclofen in the Fragile X community. Linda Sorensen, executive director of the NFXF remarks, “The Fragile X community deserves this follow-up work and the NFXF fully supports the professionals who have continually advocated for the access of the past trial data to inform future work to make arbaclofen available to individuals with fragile X syndrome. NFXF supports the future work of Allos Pharma and look forward to working in partnership to better the lives of individuals with fragile X syndrome and their families.”

While this does not mean arbaclofen is available for you to use now, this is a big step in the right direction to continue exploring arbaclofen in FXS. Thank you to the amazing families and dedicated professionals who made this possible.

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