Last Friday, Jordan Sarup rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Well, Jordan is also a super-fan of Momma Cherri, a YouTube celebrity chef featured on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Momma Cherri heard about Jordan’s bell ringing and Fragile X Awareness Month, so she created a Fragile X burger and filmed an episode to educate her viewers about Fragile X syndrome and teach them how to make a Fragile X burger.

Of course, Jordan is over the moon, but we couldn’t be more excited or proud of Jordan, his family, and Momma Cherri for helping to spread the word about Fragile X and, for anyone with an intellectual or developmental disability, “If we put our arms around them, bring them in close your breast, snuggle them, let them know you love them, you will be surprised how they can contribute to this world.”

Thank you Momma Cherri.



Jordan cooked the Fragile X Syndrome Burger and filmed his own episode. This is Fragile X.