Each week over the past month, we’ve shared a story with you representing the many families who have gained hope and inspiration through the NFXF. We hope you’re pleased to see the faces of but some of the families that you’ve helped out with your donations to the Annual Fund.

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From the Forward Thinking video series

Jaime and Tamaro Hudson

Sons Elijah, 12, Daniel, 5 and Daughter Sara, 9

We’d never heard the word “Fragile X” until Elijah was 4 years old. Sara was 2 then, and her testing showed she has Fragile X syndrome, too. (Daniel doesn’t.) We had to decide how and what to tell all our relatives. It took a while to figure out the best course of action. No matter who you are, you need something to hold onto. It tested our faith—and made us better people. Going to our first International Conference made a huge difference. To be with so many other families who shared so much with us really gave us hope. We’ll always be grateful to the National Fragile X Foundation for making it all happen. What the foundation does in advocacy and research funding not only helps kids with FXS, but it advances the whole disability field.

*The National Fragile X Foundation was saddened to learn that on December 8, Fragile X Advocate Jaime Hudson from Gaithersburg, Maryland suffered a rupture of a brain aneurysm. Thankfully, she has come through many hours of surgery at Georgetown University Hospital and at last report was talking! Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jaime, her husband Tamaro and the entire Hudson family during this time of recovery.