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This July the National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) will welcome back Sarah Moelis, 17, as a presentation speaker at the 15th International Fragile X Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Sarah attended her first conference in 2014, at which time, she and her brother, Ben, exhibited The Magic Arrows, a game that Sarah, Ben, Hailey Silver and J.D. Gebbia invented. The game helps children with Fragile X syndrome organize their daily activities, easing the anxiety often triggered by transitioning from one activity to another.

Ben’s presentation in 2014, The Magic Arrows: Finding The Magic In Your Community, was well-received by the NFXF community. Sarah’s 2016 presentation, The Magic Arrows: Life, One Step At A Time, will detail the evolution of The Magic Arrows and Sarah’s work over the last year to develop the game into a computer application. Under the guidance of Daniel LeRiche, an app developer in New Jersey who has extensive experience in creating apps for individuals who need physical and intellectual assistance, Sarah is on course to unveil the commercial release of The Magic Arrows app before the start of conference. Sarah is looking for volunteer families who are part of the Fragile X community to be part of a limited test group this June. Volunteers will use the 1.0 version of the app and provide feedback. If your family is interested in volunteering for this exciting new app experience, please contact Sarah.