Two recently published, peer-reviewed Fragile X research papers are now available on our website. Both were originally published for Brain Sciences, an international open access journal on neuroscience supported by more than 35,500 academic editors.

At the National Fragile X Foundation, we are particularly proud of these articles because our own Jayne Dixon Weber, community services director, is a co-author on both papers, and Robby Miller, clinic & international relations director, and founder/member of the NFXF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee, is a co-author for “Best Practices in Fragile X Syndrome Treatment Development.”

In addition to writing articles and hosting webinars on the subject of Fragile X, Jayne is the author of the book, “Transitioning Special Children in Elementary School,” and editor of “Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parents’ Guide.”

Many of our readers will also be familiar with many of the other co-authors, such as Elizabeth Smith, Diego Cadavid, Walter E. Kaufmann, Dejan B. Budimirovic, Barbara Haas-Givler, and several additional members of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee: Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, David Hessl, Craig Erickson, Ave Lachiewicz, Leonard Abbeduto, David Hessl, and Randi J. Hagerman.