This is an exciting time for research in the Fragile X field. Many studies utilizing breakthroughs from the past ten years are now in human trials and the great majority of scientists and clinicians are optimistic that new drugs will prove safe and beneficial. While no one considers the current drugs being studied to be a cure, families with children who have Fragile X syndrome can be hopeful that significant improvements in learning, communication and behavior will be possible in the next 2-5 years. Improvements in treatments for FXTAS and FXPOI are also being worked on by many dedicated professionals.

Direct Funding

At the National Fragile X Foundation we support and promote research through direct funding of translational studies designed to advance the development and delivery of new treatments, through the support of young researchers and summer student fellowships, through our legislative advocacy work in Washington, DC and through our organization of a biennial international conference which brings together many of the world’s leading Fragile X and genetics researchers with families impacted by one or all of the Fragile X-associated Disorders.

Current Clinical Trials and Other Studies

Clinical trials of new treatments and interventions, including new drugs, are ongoing. As new opportunities for participation in studies come to our attention we will post them for your consideration and will strive to serve as a clearinghouse for all known studies. By reading about research on our site you can be confident that the studies meet General Guidelines for posting established by our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee and by our Ethics Committee.

Research Recruitment: If you would like us to post your study on our site and/or use our other communications resources, please contact us at

News, Commentary and Opinion

With the rapid advance in our understanding of what causes the different Fragile X-associated Disorders and, therefore, our understanding of ways to reduce or better manage the symptoms, there is a growing awareness of scientific, medical, ethical and practical issues regarding treatment. As appropriate, we will provide or reproduces commentary and opinion pieces related to those issues.

To stay up-to-date on research and the development of new treatments, please visit this page and its associated sub-pages regularly.