Cognitive Training for Fragile X Syndrome

UC Davis MIND Institute - SquareWe are conducting a study to determine if a computer-based and game-oriented training program will enhance the working memory skills of children and adolescents with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). This paradigm is being tested as a potential intervention to improve certain cognitive and behavioral skills in FXS, such as paying attention and resisting distractions.
Who can participate?

  • Individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of FXS.
  • Males and females, ages 8-17 years old.

Where does the study take place?

  • A qualified UC Davis staff member travels to your home.

What does this study involve?

  • Cognitive and behavioral evaluations during 3 home visits (~4 hrs/per visit).
  • 6 weeks of online cognitive training for 5 days a week/25 minutes per day.
  • Weekly phone communication for guidance and support with a staff coach.

What will I receive?

  • Feedback on your child’s progress and assessment results.
  • Compensation for your time and effort: $25 per home visit.

To learn more please contact the T-PAL lab at:
Phone: (916) 703-0461

This study is under the direction of Dr. David Hessl at the MIND Institute, University of California, Davis Medical Center.