Watch Housing Options for Adults With Fragile X Syndrome

With Dushawn Powell, Anita Inz, Susan Buchanan, and Moderated by Jayne Dixon Weber

Thank you for your interest in our housing webinar. We hope you enjoy it, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or need additional help. The main video of the panel discussion is above, and the three prepared videos are below.

Our Panel on Adult Housing Shares Their Personal Stories and First-Hand Experiences

Guided by moderator Jayne Dixon Weber, our three guests — Dushawn Powell, Anita Inz, and Susan Buchanan — discuss adult housing for individuals living with developmental disabilities from the perspective of parents and social workers.

Before the live webinar, we asked each of the presenters to prepare a video about their housing options. We then asked registered attendees to review them prior to the live webinar so they could prepare their questions, which they discuss in the video.

These are the videos shared with attendees, and where you can find more in-depth information on each housing option from each of our presenters:

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Susan Buchanan

Susan describes her process for setting up a group home for her son Reese. The group home is their existing home.

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Anita Inz

Anita discusses POINT↗, where her son is currently living. Founded in 2008 by 15 families and two collaborating agencies, POINT supports adults ages 21 and older with developmental and learning disabilities to live independently in apartments located throughout downtown White Plains, New York. She shares an overview of the history and current status of POINT.

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Dushawn Powell

Dushawn is the director of Hearts & Minds Inc.↗, a residential facility for people with developmental disabilities, located in southern California.

We have additional resources on the topic of adults below, and if you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pair of hands holding Adults With Fragile X Syndrome ebook

Helpful Resources

← Download our new comprehensive guide for Adults With Fragile Syndrome: Making a Better Tomorrow. Plus more resources below!

Adult Housing PDF cover from the info series.

Read or download a printable PDF. Who to contact, what to look for, and other important considerations are summarized in Adult Housing from our Fragile X Info Series.

Transition to Adult Services for Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome, PDF cover and link to read.

Learn more about services, living options after high school, daily living activities, medications, preventive care, and post-high school education for younger adults.

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A webinar for caregivers, learn about your legal options when planning for the future of your child with special needs. Presented by attorney Derek Graham.

Dr. Craig Erickson, Medical Director, Fragile X Clinic in Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Craig Erickson

Dr. Erickson is a noted Fragile X expert and the medical director of the Fragile X clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a friend of the NFXF and will join us once again to share his knowledge on Fragile X and medical advice.

Dr. Erickson has worked to obtain continuous federal, foundation, internal, and industry funding supporting his and his collaborators’ research over the last 10+ years of his career. He is the inventor or co-inventor on many patents focused on translational treatment development in neurodevelopmental disorders that are held at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and at his previous employer the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is considered an international expert in the clinical treatment of fragile X syndrome and has similar expertise in fragile X-specific clinical trial development. Dr. Erickson is additionally an avid teacher of future generations of child psychiatrists and has received several teaching awards for his work.


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