As we look to celebrate National Fragile X Awareness Day on July 22, we are moved by the people whose stories of hope you will glimpse below. They inspire us at the National Fragile X Foundation to continue fostering the awareness that has done so much to lift up this uncommonly dedicated and involved community.

Last year’s Annual National Fragile X Awareness Day Campaign turned to the FX community to share personal stories of the many ways those with Fragile X are “more than their diagnosis.” Hundreds of families shared their stories and photographs on the NFXF website, depicting their loved one’s (or their own) interests, talents, hobbies, aspirations and more.

The messaging carried over to the direct mail campaign, which raised $15,808 from 267 donors. This July help spread awareness and hope by making a generous contribution to the National Fragile X Awareness Day Fund. Let’s set a goal of $20,000 for 2012!

“We’ve conducted fundraisers and given directly to the National Fragile X Foundation for over 10 years now because NFXF has always given back to us. Ultimately, we’re all here to help find a cure for Fragile X, and it takes a team to meet that goal. We look at our giving as part of the teamwork”.

—Rose Jahnke, Fragile X LINKS Group of Wisconsin Leader