My two babies are now 12 year old Margaux and 9 1/2 year old Garrick and what a wicked ride! We get to spend 6 weeks each summer driving from Florida to Massachusetts and Maine visiting all my family and my in-laws. It is unreal how fantastic both children are to travel with as I drive alone with them and our 5 year old Labmix, Mr. Darcy. My daughter is gifted with story telling and a genuine sweetness (she occasionally briefly hides her sweetness with her “evil twin”) and my son is gifted with technology, that is to say running the portable DVD player and repeatedly rewinding scenes that make him roll. Really, how long can an 8 hour drive day be with quiet solitude for me paired with gut breaking tummy laughs from the back seat; I mean really?

School is coming and back to reality, catching them up academically and socially while not stifling their superior sense of humor and creativity. My days are filled with love. What more could a MOM want?