Our son Mick was diagnosed with FXS a year ago, just before his 2nd birthday. I had never heard of FXS nor was I aware that I carried the gene. Mick is the youngest of 6 children and the only one with this syndrome. He is a miracle, born 71/2 weeks premature his delays were attributed to his prematurity. I pushed for more tests to make sure his gross motor delays were not caused by something else. Even after his diagnosis they tested him again because he is so high funtioning, and Mick did not have any of the physical characteristics, they thought the blood work may be wrong. It was not, he has made amazing progress with much therapy, I have no doubt Mick will achieve great things. He loves to be with his family doing all the things we do, he loves to swim and go out on our boat. He is very active and already athletic. He is gentle and kind & loves nature and animals. His biggest delay at this point is speech, but even that has improved at a amazing pace thanks to speech therapy 3 times a week and the determination of Mick’s whole family to teach him every waking minute of every day! Mick is a gift and we all treasure him. He continues to surprise us with his intelligence and desire to grow physically as well as mentally every day. I wouldn’t trade being his mother for anything. We are the proud parents of a child with Fragile X! We will overcome this disease!