Jodi has always had a love of paper… coloring, drawing, worksheets and creating notes and letters to pass out to people she knows. One day when she was in elementary school we watched her quickly draw a picture that was unmistakably the TV and book character Arthur. Often when she makes notes and cards for her friends, she includes a sketch of them that has an amazing resemblance. There are many refrigerators and offices with Jodi’s artwork displayed. From a very young age she was great at navigating the computer and the internet, and while in middle school, she created and presented a PowerPoint all about Canada. Her attention to detail has helped her excel at clerical work.

One of her first vocational experiences while in high school was collating patient packets at a hospital. She quickly became the quality control person. Jodi sampled other work environments and her actions and words made it very clear that office work is her choice. When discussing what she wants to do when school ends, Jodi said “office work, teamwork”.

In planning for Jodi’s transition to adult services, we focused on her preferences and found a communityShe is very excited about
having her own desk,
computer and telephone.
based program that offered clerical work. Although not easy to find, this program fits Jodi’s preferences and abilities. She has just completed her 2 week trial and assessment as the receptionist for the agency. She is very excited about having her own desk, computer and telephone. This will provide opportunities to build on the skills that she already has.