Daniel Steiger is 25. He has attended a day-program since ‘graduating’ in 2005. Daniel also volunteers with local Sheriff’s Departments to help paint over graffiti.

When asked what he wants for his birthday or Christmas, all Daniel has ever wanted was another trip to Disneyland.   He knows anything and everything about Disney, having memorized from experience, his collection of children’s videos, books & DVD’s that detail behind the scenes activities and almost endless information about parks world wide and Disney Cruises.

Daniel is now on a waiting list to be admitted to a residential program called ‘Training for Independent Living’.  Two guys in a two bedroom, one bath apartment – 16 to 20 clients in a group of condos (ratio 2:1 staff). When he completes this 2 to 4 year course, he will qualify for Section 8 housing and Supervised Independent Living. I have already spoken to the Regional Center in Orange County where his file will then be transferred to Anaheim. The Case Worker said they have many clients working for Disneyland! I wasn’t sure Daniel would ever WANT to “grow up & move out” but when we put a job at Disneyland at the other end of the journey he became more than ready to take it on with his usual persistence & determination!