I really don’t know the story that well, my mom could probably share it better, but i wanted to tell it.

My mom is the eldest of 4 brothers also the only one that doesn’t have Fragile X and is not carrying it in any way. She’s about 43 years old now and her brothers beginning 40’s and the youngest a girl is 38, so I’ll let you calculate how old they were when they were tested. My grandpa had been struggling to get them help with the academic boards and all of those associations but the wouldn’t and couldn’t help, for years. Once they took the test and knew that they had Fragile X, they suspected that my great grandma’s brother had it too. We all were tested and found out that my grandma was a carrier that’s how her children got it. I love my 2 uncles and my aunt with all my heart, we recently lost my grandma, their mother, and they even took it better than the rest of us. Maybe later I’ll convince my mom so that she can tell you the story better. In the picture you can see the girl with the short black hair my aunt and the boy with the bat my uncle when they were young, there is another one that it’s not there.