Central CA FX Links Group enjoys its first event!

Central CA FX Links Group enjoys its first event!

Summer is almost here and our LINKS groups are in full swing with lots of summer activities! The events calendar has been filling up fast as LINKS groups from all across the United States begin to make (or finalize) plans for summer gatherings.

Social events are great opportunities for families to get to know each other and let the children (of all ages) play! And with summertime is filled with picnics, pool parties and baseball games, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been part of the Fragile X Community for ages, a social gathering is the ideal way to get acquainted or to deepen previous bonds. I asked families what they most enjoy about a social event sponsored by their local LINKS group, and their answers included:

“Seeing the older children and/or young adults gives me such hope and confidence for my child’s future.”

“Seeing other children with FXS around the same age as my children reminded me I wasn’t alone.”

“Everyone understands, appreciates and loves every squeal and flap—it’s great to not have to explain and just have my children accepted.”

“The bond we share with other families who experience the same struggles and celebrate the same triumphs is unlike any other we have experienced.”

We all go through times when we feel alone, and sometimes attending a social gathering is that gentle reminder we need that proves otherwise.

Please watch our events calendar for a social event (or fundraiser!) near you.


  • Fragile X Association of Washington State held its annual educational conference.
  • Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern MA, Fragile X Association of Rhode Island and Southern MA, Fragile X Resource Center of Western Massachusetts and the Fragile X Society of Connecticut all came together for a Family Advisory Council Meeting with Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Central CA FX LINKS held its first event, a BBQ with a bounce house and games for the kids.

Upcoming June Events

5 – Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern Massachusetts
FXMNO (Fragile X Moms Night Out)
Contact:  EasternMA@fragilex.org

7-8 – Fragile X Association of Michigan
Macomb Community College Occupational Therapy Conference, Booth
Contact:  laureen.majeske@fxam.org

9 – Fragile X Families of RI and Southern MA
Family Picnic at Goddard Park
Contact:  Providence@fragilex.org
9 – Fragile X Resource Center of Western MA
Family Picnic in the Park, Northampton MA
Contact:  WesternMA@fragilex.org

15 – Fragile X LINKS of Northern Arizona
Family Picnic in the Park, Foxglen Park, Flagstaff, AZ
Contact:  NorthernAZ@fragilex.org

26 – Tri-State Fragile X Alliance
Indianapolis Meet and Greet, St. Vincent Hospital
Contact:  Cincinnati@fragilex.org