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Congratulations to the 2021 NFXF Summer Scholar Recipients

By |2021-05-19T16:47:23-04:00May 19, 2021|Blog, Research, Summer Student Fellowship|

Congratulations to our four NFXF Summer Scholars! The Summer Scholars Research Awards are meant to introduce undergraduate students or students in professional training programs to research in the Fragile X field by providing funding for a summer project that adds to the body of knowledge around Fragile X in a meaningful way while providing a distinct training experience.

Summer Student Fellowship 2016 Awards

By |2016-06-01T11:00:00-04:00Jun 1, 2016|Research, Summer Student Fellowship|

Each year, the National Fragile X Foundation funds one or more summer student research fellowships at $2500 each through the NFXF Summer Fellowship Research Fund. The student’s work can be in the area of Fragile X syndrome (FXS), Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS) or Fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI). This award is meant to introduce undergraduate students, or students in professional training programs, to research in the Fragile X field, by providing funding for a summer project. We understand the importance of investing in the future of Fragile X, and this award is part of our commitment to fostering the researchers of tomorrow.

Summer Student Fellowship: 2014 Awards and 2013 Summaries

By |2014-05-22T11:43:04-04:00May 22, 2014|Previously Funded, Results, Summer Student Fellowship, Summer Student Fellowship Reports|

The future of Fragile X research depends on inspiring and encouraging new generations of researchers to push Fragile X forward. That’s why we started the Summer Student Fellowship, which is awarded to a selected group of studies from young researchers. Today, we’re proud to announce the recipients for this year’s awards, as well as the results and summaries of last year’s studies.