The Bridges have been supporting the Fragile X community for years.  They took a few minutes this month to tell you why and encourage you to join them in supporting the work of the National Fragile X Foundation this month. Hear what they have to say:

Hi, I’m Laurie Bridges

and I’m Will Bridges

I’m Caroline Bridges. I have Fragile X syndrome, and I go to the University of South Carolina.

We support the National Fragile X Foundation because it’s helped us on our journey from first diagnosis to now college.

The National Fragile X Foundation has taught us so much over the years about how to help Caroline reach her potential. Not everyone with Fragile X will go to a college program but everyone has the right to reach their full potential.

So join us in supporting the National Fragile X Foundation and help support families living with Fragile X reach their full potential.