Awareness Begins…and just keeps on spreading and spreading…with YOU!

Preparing for National Fragile X Awareness Month in July, we are reminded again of how awareness happens. One person, one fundraising lemonade stand, one parent’s chat with the teacher or family doctor, one email to a congressional representative… One outreach, one commitment after another to Let ‘Em Know! All of it by individuals convinced they can make a difference.

Results – You did it!

Our thanks to everyone who ran, walked, hiked, and biked in the Let ‘Em Know Virtual 5K event and to all of your supporters who so generously donated to your efforts!

Together you helped raise nearly $48,000 (as of 8/9/13) in online contributions ― more than enough to meet our matching challenge grant and making this our most successful National Fragile X Awareness month ever!

Hayden Capela in New Jersey

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Here are just a few of the over 300 participants in this year’s Let ‘Em Know event.

We are pleased to award the special prizes to:

  • Alexis Davis, Maryland – Fundraiser with the most money raised online: $3,305! And 35 donors!
  • Nick Henning, California – Fundraiser with the most number of donations: 41!

With special mention to:

  • Sebastian Duckworth , New Jersey with $1,800 in donations

Congratulations to all!

We would like to add how gratifying it has been to see the enthusiasm, the excitement and the energy with which you embraced this first-time event during awareness month. Thank You for helping to Let ‘Em Know!

Alexis Davis, Maryland

Fundraiser with the most money raised online

Running this Let ‘Em Know 5k was truly a great experience! I was equally thrilled with the fiscal support received and the interest from folks wanting to learn about Fragile X. I had people reach out to me asking questions about FX. We certainly accomplished Raising Awareness of Fragile X!

-- Alexis Davis, Maryland

Nick Henning, California

Fundraiser with the most number of donations

The NFXF Let ‘Em Know 5K Fundraiser was a wonderful idea, and so easy to participate in. The Crowdrise platform was a very effective tool for letting people know and allowing them to contribute or share with others. We had generous and caring friends, family, colleagues and students contributing funds and spreading awareness of Fragile X and associated disorders across 4 different continents. We are very appreciative of their efforts on our behalf, and are even more proud to be members of the worldwide Fragile X community/family.”

-- Nick Henning, California