Presented by Jeanine Coleman, PhD

Promoting inclusive early childhood environments is imperative for young children with FXS because these are the first environments that set the stage for their future education and social relationships. This presentation will identify guidelines with relevant resources for families with young children with FXS that are aligned with national early childhood special education and early intervention best practices. These guidelines will provide the opportunity to engage with families and professionals at the conference to increase understanding of the early childhood processes that are supported by federal legislation.

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About the Speaker

Jeanine Coleman

Associate Professor at Regis University

Jeanine Coleman, PhD, is part of the Teaching & Learning Sciences Department at the University of Denver. She is the Clinical Associate Professor and program director in the Early Childhood Special Education program.  Jeanine has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and she received her PhD from the University of Denver in the Child, Family & School Psychology program. Her research interests include families with children with neurodevelopmental disorders, assessments methods for young children, and working with families going through the early intervention/special education processes. Furthermore, Jeanine is working on projects regarding the implementation of Interprofessional Education to address the needs of children and families with early childhood mental health needs and the Expressed Emotion of families with children with intellectual disabilities.