Faces of Fragile X

May 2, 2019—We will be updating this page as we gather more stories from our members.

These stories, together with our ongoing advocacy efforts, can help ensure:

  1. Public awareness of Fragile X and the risks of being a carrier.
  2. Doctors know about Fragile X so they can diagnose patients.
  3. Special educators understand how to reach and engage individuals individuals with Fragile X.
  4. Policymakers understand the need to set policies and provide opportunities for people with Fragile X and all intellectual disabilities.
  5. More researchers get involved in more Fragile X research.
  6. Therapists understand the differences (and similarities) between Fragile X and autism, and how to treat them separately and together.
  7. Awareness of clinical trials and studies, including support and guidance for individuals and their families so they understand the challenges they may be facing, and how to prepare for participation.

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