Janet Fisher and her husband started their LINKS group shortly after attending the International Fragile X Conference in Detroit. They truly enjoyed meeting so many people at the conference that had Fragile X children and really wanted to meet other Fragile X Families in their area. They felt that there was a lack of knowledge about Fragile X in the western New York area so one of their goals is to increase awareness of FX as well.

The Fisher’s have 3 children. Their oldest daughter, Laura is 23 and unaffected. She attends Boston University and is a graduate student in the Genetic Counseling program. Son, Eric is 21 and he has a full mutation. He attends a Community Program where he is out about every day at a variety of businesses working/volunteering or just having lots of fun! Their youngest daughter, Kara is 17 and also has the full mutation. She is what Janet refers to as her miracle child! She continues to do very well in school and is heading off to college in the Fall. She was accepted into a 5 year Masters OT program.

The FX Resource group is still in the early stages. They just met in April and have a family picnic scheduled for August.

You can reach Janet at janfish5@gmail.com.