*Actual Linda Sorensen not shown

*Actual Linda Sorensen not shown

I have always been in awe of the strength and courage of each of you.  I know life with Fragile X isn’t easy, and making a commitment to “give back” only adds to the challenges.

But you, my friends, are an amazingly impressive bunch!

I am not a surfer – never have been, never will be. But I live in a surfing town now where watching the waves is an immensely enjoyable pastime.

I share this with you to make it clear that I’m probably not at all qualified to use this analogy, but here goes…

I think of life like waves – some are gentle and warm while others are huge and shockingly cold. Regardless, getting bashed by waves over and over again is not fun. Water up your nose, sand everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) gets old in a hurry.

Since we can’t get out of life’s waves, the best course of action is to learn how to ride them – even without a surf board. 😊

This is what I hope you are getting out of volunteering with the NFXF. That by learning to ride the waves yourselves, and by helping others do the same, you become a great surfer.

My gratitude for all that you do to make the NFXF strong is felt every day of the year.

Surf’s UP!

~ Linda
Executive Director