Today, the NIH released their near-final Fragile X Strategic Plan. There is a final chance to offer comments, but it is a short deadline – two weeks.

The NFXF has been involved in this entire process, and we will be submitting our comments.  We encourage you to review the draft plan and let us know if you have comments you would like us to consider as part of the NFXF comments. Additionally, we encourage you to submit your own comments if you wish.

On a related note, the three current Fragile X Research centers are funded through May 2020 to allow the Fragile X Strategic Plan to be finalized and then inform the request for applications as NIH recompetes the Fragile X Research centers for another 5 years.

If you wish to submit comments for us to consider including in the NFXF comments, please use the form below.  Please submit your comments by Friday, June 14 (extended to June 17).

To read the announcement, plan, and for instructions on submitting your own comments, use the button below.