New Stanford Treatment Study Focused on Fragile X Syndrome

Adolescents and Young Adults with Fragile X Syndrome Age 12-29 Years Needed

We are recruiting females and males between the ages of 12 and 29 years to participate in a newly funded medication study in Fragile X syndrome.

Participants will have the opportunity to receive the medication, donepezil, which may improve cognition and behavior in individuals with this important condition.  This study is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and Autism Speaks and is being conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Participation involves:

  • Cognitive and behavioral testing
  • MRI scan
  • Free study medication for 12 weeks

Benefits of participating:

  • Potential improvement in behavior and/or cognition
  • You will receive an honorarium of $100 for your participation
  • Cognitive and behavioral assessment reports

For more information, or to enroll, contact:

Mai Manchanda or (650) 704-9763

For further information regarding questions, concerns, or complaints about research, research related injury, and questions about the rights of research participants, please call (650) 723-5244 or call toll free (866) 680-2906 or write the Administrative Panel on Human Subjects in Medical Research, Administrative Panels Office, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5401.

IRB Protocol 13773 (approved 5/24/11-5/24/12)