Why did you change the logo?
The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) has updated its logo into a new family of integrated logos. The reason is to create a more modern, appealing and crisp design that highlights the NFXF’s human service emphasis through lower case letters and a colorful “fragmented x.” In addition, the family of logos provides graphic designers more flexibility in placing various logos of different sizes on all types of communications, including web, publications and merchandise. Depending on the type of communication, different-shaped logos work more effectively within a given design.
What does the new logo mean?
The new logos and logo usage guidelines represent the NFXF’s desire to strengthen its brand identity, reputation and awareness. By upgrading its image through a family of integrated logos, the NFXF will present a consistent and unified voice to its key audiences. The variety, scope and sizes of new logos will better lend themselves to adapting to the sizes and needs of different communication pieces, including the web, brochures, fliers, signage, social media, etc.
What is the purpose of the new brand tagline?
With the introduction of its “brand” new family of logos, the NFXF also launched its first brand tagline — Forward. An effective brand distinguishes who you are as an organization, what you stand for and stirs emotions. It’s about presenting a clear voice in a cluttered marketplace. Effective brands frame conversations about an organization and provide a blueprint of where it is going. NFXF’s brand goals are to clarify an image, increase visibility, improve awareness, set NFXF distinctively apart from competing organizations, and create a flexible, relevant and memorable brand experience. The tagline Forward is surprisingly short. Being one word makes it memorable and unique. Forward implies a positive momentum moving toward something better than today. It implies enlightenment and hope. It’s simple, yet so powerful.
Is the logo trademarked?
How can I use the logo?
You can use the logo to help promote the NFXF and on materials for events which benefit the Foundation. Please contact us so that we may work with you to provide you with a logo style that will fit your needs.
Will I need the NFXF’s permission to use the logo?
Yes. It is available to you by download through a submission form. In the form, please let us know what you plan on doing with the logo.
How many versions of the logo are there?
A lot! We choose this logo family to allow for options and do we have options. With all of the style versions and color options we can definitely find a logo that will suit your needs.