Our son Cody was diagnosed with Fragile X after his daycare told me that he was not a “normal” 2.5 year old.  So, I began to seek out help from his doctors.  I started out with his ENT.  He got us in with a great speech therapist.   She told me later that she new Cody had Fragile X, but that I was not ready to hear that yet.  After a few months of tears and support groups Cody’s speech therapist recommended to his pediatrician that he might have Fragile X.  We got the diagnosis whn he was 3 years old.  Our hopes and dreams for our little boy was dimished at that time.  We didn’t know what his future was going to look like…..

He is now 12 years old an he is the joy of our life.  He is a very loving young man and very witty. He is likes to please others by helping. He reads and does well in school.  He plays baseball with a local Challenger league and loves to ride his bike. He can do anything on a computer and look up anything on utube. He enjoys our many animals an he is very resposible in taking care if them.  Cody knows where everything goes (almost in a OCD kind of way).  If we can’t find someting we just have to ask Cody and he will usually know where it is..

We have to Thank all of his many doctors, theraptist, teachers and family and friends for his great success!

We are still unsure of his future but we know that with God’s help everything is possible!