Meet Jayson he is 19 going on 20 full mutation and none verbal. We were a slow in getting a proper diagnosis for him. Doctors gave us everything under the sun, until one day at the age of 15 we got the call telling us “Jayson has Fragile X.”

I had no idea what that mean or what was in store for me. I only knew I loved him and was going to do what ever it took for him.

Jayson loves christmas & disney movies and so we took him to Disney World before my husband was re stationed in Washington. All he said from the time we walked in to the time we left, was wow!!!!! He loves school & his teachers love his sense of humor & compassion for everyone around him. Jayson enjoys the water, so we take trips to the beach and he will roll around in the sand like a ball laughing the entire time.

The smile and joy he showed was worth every penny and day we where there. God blessed me with him and in return we share a joyful life together experiencing so many things. He depends on his schedule and we don’t dare change it. If we try he surely lets us know about it too.

Being told Jayson had Fragile X was not the end for me, it was the beginning of a wonderful journey with Jayson.