National Fragile X Awareness Month

July is National Fragile X Awareness Month! July 22 is officially recognized by Congress as Fragile X Awareness Day. We celebrate the entire month of July to raise more awareness and advocacy for Fragile X.

What is Fragile X?

Fragile X is a group of genetic disorders caused by a mutation in a single gene on the X chromosome.

  • Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability and autism and can range from mild to profound impairment.

Men and women who carry a Fragile X premutation can be affected by two related disorders:

  • FXTAS is a disorder of the nervous system that can cause tremors and problems with walking, balance, memory, and behaviors among older adults, particularly males.
  • FXPOI is a disorder of the ovary that can cause early symptoms of menopause and sometimes infertility.
  • Premutation carriers are known to experience other symptoms which are currently being researched today.

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We Need Your Help to...

RAISE FUNDS to support individuals and families living with Fragile X.

How Can You Help?

Become a Fund Raiser

Join us in raising awareness and create a fundraising page for Fragile X.

Challenge your friends and family to join!


Your donation will help us continue to make great strides both locally and nationally for individuals and families affected by Fragile X.

Create your own page!

Take your donation one step further. Create your own fundraising page and explain what Fragile X means to you.

Share your Fundraising Page!

Let ‘Em Know by sharing a link to your fundraising page with your personal network of friends, family and co-workers through email and social media.

Ask Friends to Donate!

Ask your friends to make a difference and donate in honor of your very own Fragile X story.

Want to do More?


Tell ‘em you’re with Fragile X by ordering our new shirt! Our newly designed T-shirts will help you raise awareness in July and beyond.  Order yours today!


Let ‘Em Know you’re with the NFXF for National Fragile X Awareness Month by adding our special overlay image to your Facebook profile picture.

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We will be sharing a Fragile X fact every day on social media which we encourage you to share with your friends and family. Here is the list of  Fragile X Facts so you can follow along!


Use our ‘Know Me’ Fragile X awareness cards for emergency situations. (Printable on Avery 8871)

Where Does Your Money Go?

To Help the National Fragile X Foundation

All funds raised support the National Fragile X Foundation’s mission to unite the Fragile X community, to enrich lives through educational and emotional support, promote public and professional awareness, and advance research towards improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X.

To Help Your Local Families

Fifty percent of all funds raised through this Let ‘Em Know campaign directly supports families in your local area through the NFXF Community Support Network (CSN)!

CSN groups support families locally through educational seminars and workshops, social and awareness events, and outreach and family resource support. Many also fund local scholarships for families to attend the biennial International Fragile X Conference, which will be held in 2018 in Cincinnati, OH.

The National Fragile X Foundation is a non-profit organization, tax ID# 84-0960471