May 11, 2017 – Moms of children with Fragile X met at the Artisanal Burger Company to spend time with friends while enjoying delicious handcrafted burgers made with fresh, local ingredients. The moms, Madelene, Orna, Tammy, Johanna, Denise and Milena (who is a sibling) had children various ages, ranging from the very young to those in their 30s. Still, it’s always easy to find a common thread when it comes to Fragile X.  As Central CT CSN leader Tammy Selinger notes, “There aren’t many opportunities to relax and chat with others who ‘get it.'” They recognized this as a time to relax and take a break from their busy lives, chatting about everything both Fragile X and non-Fragile X-related. The woman gave each other advice and ideas. They were fortunate to have many “veterans” with varied experiences and younger parents who are eager to learn. Central CT and Western MA hold these joint dinners quarterly in Central CT so that it is no more than an hour from Western MA. In addition, they held one dinner last winter and are planning their next one in July in parts of CT that are further from Western MA. These dinners are sponsored by the Central CT CSN group.