The NFXF is always hard at work doing everything we can to help the Fragile X community. You know that and we do, too! But do you know who’s really making this all happen? That’s right: Our donors!

Without them, we couldn’t hold our conferences, organize our national network of family support groups, advocate year-round on legislation or gather and share all the helpful information that helps keep you up to date and feeling connected to all things Fragile X!

Now, we’d like your help in showing our donors how much they’re appreciated! The idea is to have that appreciation come from the very mouths of the people who have directly benefited from the services that donors make possible. You may be a donor yourself, but yes, you can still thank other donors in this special way!

So what we’d like is a 6-second video from you thanking donors of the NFXF for their generosity. It shouldn’t take long at all, and it doesn’t need to be fancy! Just simple and sincere. Feel free to record it on your phone/tablet and upload it below. To easily visit this page from your phone/tablet, simply use the url

Six seconds goes by quickly (it allows for about 15 or so words), so the way to do this is to focus on one idea and just launch right in! Include words like “thank you” or “grateful” or “appreciate” in what you say, and wrap one of those inside this kind of idea or one you think up yourself:

  • A specific way donors to the NFXF have helped you.
  • The particular family members they helped (put them in your video!)
  • Show a family member doing something he or she hadn’t done before, while you describe what it is.
  • Show your whole happy family saying a big “thank you!” to donors—and then say it again until your six seconds are up! (Sometimes really simple works just fine!)

The bottom line is freely use your imagination, keep it short, have some fun and speak from your heart—do that and it will turn out just great!

And thank you for donating your time to this—we appreciate it!

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